VABC Contact Information

Mail: VABC c/o 1231 Hewlett Place, Victoria BC V8S 4P6
Phone: 250-598-4316

VABC Executive Members

President: Beverley Cattrall Email:

Vice President: Wendy Renwick Email:

Past President: Brenda Dudfield: Email:

Treasurer: Joan Sanderson Email:

Secretary: Agnes Liau

VABC Board of Directors

The five positions listed above are also Board of Directors positions.

Online Registration Walks: David Cattrall Email:

Website: David Cattrall Email:

Sanctions: Denise McDougal Email:

Materials: Joan Sanderson Email:

Director at Large: Ria Edmond: Email:

A Message from Beverley Cattrall, President – Volkssport Association of British Columbia

Welcome to VABC’s website. I hope you find the information you need, but if you have more questions, please send me an email. My address is shown below.

It’s been a most unusual year, with many of our group walks having been cancelled or postponed over the winter. On the other hand, it is gratifying to hear of the efforts our wonderful Volkssport volunteers have gone to, to encourage us to get outside and walk, either on our own or at socially distanced group events. And it is especially good to hear our public health officials saying what we know already: that walking is so important for our well being.

It is my hope to meet many of you over the coming months, after the current restrictions have been eased. In the meantime, stay safe – and keep walking!

Beverley Email: