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The Volkssport Association of British Columbia (VABC) serves to unify the BC volkssport clubs and to promote their mutual cooperation, all within the Canadian Volkssport Federation (CVF). We are a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting healthy, non-competitive volkssport activities for people of all ages throughout the province. Although volkssporting activities include walking, swimming, cross-country skiing and cycling, walking events are the most popular among volkssporters in BC.

There are seven clubs in British Columbia, offering a wide variety of walks.  Walks include parks, forests,  urban streets and trails, and glorious lake and ocean views. In addition, VABC is responsible for over 30 other walks spread throughout the province. We invite walkers of all ages to join us on a walk. New members are welcome, but membership is not mandatory in order to join one of our walks. We'd love to meet you! And your first five walks are free! After that the cost is just $1 or $2 per walk.  


Explore this website to learn more about volkssporting in British Columbia.


  • In 2017, 5 of the Permanent Trails will become mail-in walks - these are PT304 Duncan, PT009 Hope, PT178 Kelowna, PT107 Peachland and PT200 Penticton. Go to the Permanent Trails page for information on how to register.

  • PT179 Burnaby Central Park has a new registration point - Starbuck's Coffee in Station Square on Central Blvd.

  • Don't forget that 2017 is a special year - Canada's 150th birthday and CVF's 30th anniversary. Look at the 'What is Volkssport' page for details of special walking programs to celebrate these milestones.


            Who We Are           What is Volkssport       BC Clubs        Calendar of Events          Permanent Trails       Links  

        Contact us at,  write to VABC c/o 9350 Cinnamon Drive Surrey BC V3V 1V2, or phone 604-584-1900

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